Who We Are

The ABR19.com or Apartment B-vent Replacement is a division of Savannah Heating, a Canadian manufacturer of gas fireplaces.

Our team has taken on the issue of inefficient and restrictive Apartment B-vent fireplaces and come up with a solution. The ABR19. We have engineered the first of its kind “True B-Vent Replacement” gas fireplace, without having to renovate any piping or cutting any holes into the outside weather screening.

Here it is. First Direct Vent Fireplace to replace the B-Vent.

Our fireplaces are manufactured for us in Richmond, British Columbia by Savannah Heating. Built without compromise and easy to service, there are only reasons to enjoy your new fireplace for many years to come.

  • We are the only true b-vent replacement on the market today.
  • No more drafts or standing pilot light.
  • Remote thermostat control with programmable heating cycles.
  • Everything has been redesigned to take advantage of today’s technology.