How do I upgrade my old fireplace with something new and efficient and have a warm and comfortable home?

What do I have?

The easiest way to know what you have is by looking behind the control panel at the bottom front of your fireplace. If you remove the cover you can usually see a manufacture name plate with model and details. (image below shows some samples) Otherwise, if your fireplace is open or has vents where it draws air into the burning area, it’s a B-Vent. Or give one of our retail locations a call and they will be happy to help you.
Old B-Vent Fireplaces

Old B-Vent Fireplaces

What are some names of manufacturers I might have?

Here are a few of the larger manufacturers that made the B-Vent fireplaces.

Will my venting be ok for the new fireplace?

As long as your vent pipe is 5″ or greater you have nothing to worry about. We will configure the piping to your vent size. In some cases, there are some building built with 4″ venting which can’t be converted, but in most cases, they are larger.

Will I have to do any renovations to my fireplace area?

Simple answer is no. We have designed the ABR19 to fit into the existing hole where we cut out the old fireplace. Once we add the surround onto the front of your fireplace it will cover any open spaces that are left.
               before    B-Vent Gas FireplaceABR19 After installAfter
However, we have found some people want to change the entire look of their fireplace area which is totally fine.

Will I need power?

Yes. The new fireplace has a built-in fan to maximise heat output so you will need to have power there.
Hopefully, this has answered most of your questions, however, should your have more please call you local retailer for more information.