Designed and built in the Pacific Northwest to address the concerns for the environment.
There is an enormous number of Apartment B-vent gas fireplaces out there that are extremely inefficient with no way to replace them with efficient heat sources.
Our engineers took on this challenge and created the Pioneer ABR19

Now you can update with ease!

Pioneer ABR before room pic BEFORE

Replacing Your Old 'B-Vent' Gas Fireplace Has Never Been This Easy

Savannah introduces a new ‘Direct Vent’ fireplace that can be installed using the existing venting

No trouble for Strata

How Long Does it Take to Install?
Most installs take less than a day. Yes, that’s correct!

B-Vent vs Direct-Vent



A B-vent gas fireplace is a type of natural draft system that uses room air to feed the fire and one pipe to carry combustion gases out of your home. While some newer units have become more efficient they still draw warm air out when turned off.
B-Vent Facts:
Up to 25% efficiency rating when running
-% Negative efficiency rating when off
Standing pilot light burning 24/7 using 800-1500BTUs/hr
Open flue venting
Drawing warm room air out via venting, while On or Off
Drafty when On or Off. Cold outside air is drawn in when off.


"Direct vent" refers to a sealed-combustion system in which air for combustion is piped from the outdoors, and the exhaust is vented to the outdoors . Direct vent fireplaces are extremely efficient compared to a traditional fireplace .
Direct Vent Facts:
Up to 70% Efficiency rating when running (ABR19 is 65-70%)
Electronic ignition
No Negative efficiency when off
No warm air drawn out of apartment On or Off
Sealed burning chamber meaning outside air is used for combustion
No more drafts On or Off

Pioneer Direct Vent



If you are living in an apartment or strata building your only option to upgrade an
old B-Vent fireplace was with another similar old B-Vent or even worse, to a smaller firebox to fit inside your existing unit. The main reason was venting restrictions.



Savannah has engineered a gas fireplace that can use the exiting venting so you don’t need to spend money removing the old piping. No holes cut into your walls. No holes cut in the building exterior, including the roof. No venting to replace



By upgrading to a new ABR19 gas fireplace you can reduce your Gas and Electric consumption by as much as 45%*. Your Hydro bill can be reduced to numbers that reflect your spring and fall bills.*


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Old B-Vent
Burn Rate 94%
Burn Rate 41%

*(Simulations data: Room 1050Sqft Ceiling 9ft. 2 rooms. 1 door. 5 Windows 5×6. Thermostat set to 24c. Outdoor ave. Temp. H12 /L 7 sim was done over a 12 hour period from 8pm to 8am. Multiple days done to cross-compare both units)

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