Strata Concerns

Strata’s responsibility is to ensure that the homeowners’ investment is looked after and that there is continuity to the exterior of the building. We have put together some of the concerns strata’s have come to us asking and tried to answer.

Here are some answers to the most common question

What esthetic changes to the building’s exterior will there be?

On the exterior of the building, there is only one part visible with any fireplace and that’s the exhaust vent and in newer gas fireplaces an intake/exhaust vent.
B-Vent fireplaces use one pipe and a single cap. (see image 1).
The Pioneer uses two pipes, but still only needs one vent cap. Intake/exhaust. (see image 2)

Will there be any holes cut into the weather screen?

The only change that will need to be done is, a new cap installed on the existing venting (shown above). Other than that, nothing else.

  • No Additional holes.

  • No Changes to the weather screening of the building.

  • No added venting pipes

How much time does it take to install?

Most Pioneer installations take less than a day, which means less impact on neighbours and building amenities.

Will the Pioneer increase gas consumption?

Depends on how the users are using the fireplace presently. We have heard owners using their fireplaces from November till March continuously because it didn’t heat much and they don’t get the gas bill. Some never used them because of the draft.

What we do know is the efficiency of heating; owners have realized electric heating bills drop substantially and their gas bills marginally increase.


  • 70% efficiency
  • Sealed burning chamber
  • Thermostat to regulate temperature
  • No Negative efficiency when off.
  • No drafts from air loss through venting both on/off


  • Less than 25% efficiency
  • Open burning chamber
  • Pilot light burning 24/7
  • Negative efficiency when off
  • Most heat drawn up venting on/off
  • Needing more time to heat room

How safe is the installation?

Since we do not change the existing venting and only insert a new pipe inside, there are no safety concerns. Also since the cold air is drawn down the outside of the pipe and the exhaust air (hot) is up through the centre, the heat cast off by the exhaust venting will radiate less heat thereby reducing the concern of possible issues with venting heat.

Upgrading makes 3x more sense

Owner enjoys Freedom and Flexibility

Strata keeps buildings integrity and continuity

Environment wins with increased efficiency